My Mirror-sight

Dear God,
I’m so sorry for not speaking to YOU quite well lately..
I’m so sorry for never being thankful to everything you give..
I’m so sorry for always pretending that YOU are not HERE watching me..
For all my prejudices that YOU never care ..
For never realize how close YOU are, like always..

Dear God..
YOU know every secrets, every dreams, every prays of mine…
YOU look at my heart, my mind ..
You touch my deepest fear..
YOU understand me more than I understand me myself..


Dear God,

YOUR LOVE is never diminished even one day..
YOUR plans are never failed…
Never Failed, Oh Lord..

YOU know all my weaknesses as well as give me strength to struggle..
YOU know all my unspoken words..
YOU know everything in me, since the day I born till now..


YOU are the GOD who give the healing for my pain, sickness and my sins..
YOU are the GOD who always give FORGIVENESS..
YOU are the GOD who sacrifice YOURS and give me life..
I am NO ONE..
If YOU turn away from me..

Ric, Erica
The first day of Dragon Year, 23rd January 2012, 00:58AM

Written by

Just a middle 30s ordinary woman who is easy smile-easy laugh, a writer, a wife, a mother, of a teenager boy, a family woman, a free-unthinkable mind who loves reading-dreaming-writing, laughing all day, multitasking one, sport-addicted, adventurous traveler, independent, a friendly best friend for those people who loves the same passion and humor, loves cooking, a great partner for movie date for her best friends, sometimes doing her consultant works, a lady who loves seeing things at her funny sight.

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