Felix Widjaja

You know what she’s like by the first time you meet her.

Although you don’t even need to do that. Her works show it all.

An ultra-optimist, funny, fast paced, active, ambitious, and confident woman.

A woman who writes –as realistic as they can be- short stories, which all will one day become –as she tells me- whole complete novels.

And she’s already half way to get them all done.

Wow… it needs extra observation and research to accomplish them all,

and it takes huge motivation, spirit, and dreams as well.

I’ve never had a moment of doubt that she’ll reach her dreams, which are very big dreams.

Never knew her for too long, but just enough to know about them all.

Keep on dreaming big Ric, u’ll get there in time.

Felix Widjaja 36 years old, No 10 The Most Rich Man In The World Dreams To Be, Jakarta