Valentine’s Special Discount

valentine's disc

Di pintu masuk sebuah restauran terkenal, tertulis:

Special offer on This Valentine day:

Bring your wife, get 25% discount on food and beverages
Bring your girl friend, get 35 % discount.
Bring your lover and get 40 % discount.

If you can bring all 3 at the same time, get 100 % discount!!

Ric Erica

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Just a middle 30s ordinary woman who is easy smile-easy laugh, a writer, a wife, a mother, of a teenager boy, a family woman, a free-unthinkable mind who loves reading-dreaming-writing, laughing all day, multitasking one, sport-addicted, adventurous traveler, independent, a friendly best friend for those people who loves the same passion and humor, loves cooking, a great partner for movie date for her best friends, sometimes doing her consultant works, a lady who loves seeing things at her funny sight.

2 Comments to “Valentine’s Special Discount”

  1. hani says:

    Keren kl bisa membawa ke3 nya sekaligus.
    Ada gk ya say??

  2. avatar-jakarta says:

    erica is so funny & frezzzzz…

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