Suami yang Baik Itu …

Tidak rewel istrinya mau kemana, pergi sama siapa, pulang jam berapa dan belanja apa.


Mobil gak baret, terparkir dengan benar, bensin utuh, kunci mobil dan STNK terletak kembali pada tempatnya.

Udah.. gitu ajah.

Ric Erica
Jakarta, 2 Mei 2014: 20.49pm

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Just a middle 30s ordinary woman who is easy smile-easy laugh, a writer, a wife, a mother, of a teenager boy, a family woman, a free-unthinkable mind who loves reading-dreaming-writing, laughing all day, multitasking one, sport-addicted, adventurous traveler, independent, a friendly best friend for those people who loves the same passion and humor, loves cooking, a great partner for movie date for her best friends, sometimes doing her consultant works, a lady who loves seeing things at her funny sight.

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