A few words about her


Just a middle 30s ordinary woman who is easy smile-easy laugh, a writer, a wife, a mother, of a 12years old son, a family woman, a free-unthinkable mind who loves reading-dreaming-writing, easy-smile, easy laugh, multitasking one,  sport-addicted, adventurous traveler, a friendly best friend for those people who loves the same passion and humor, loves cooking,  a person who loves seeing things at her funny sight..


Date of Birth
February 6 year … (Well, age is just a number.. Let’s have it empty..)
Trully Aquarius.
Writing, Music, Guitar, Body combat-body pump-weight training,                     Cooking, Adventurous Traveling, Politics, Social Life, Social Issue,                     Good Movies.
Favorite Movie
Mission Impossible things, Fast & Furious, Prince of Persia, Under                     The Tuscan Sun, The Tourist, all funny romantic movies..
Favorite Music
Adele – Someone Like you, Jason Mraz – I won’t give Up, Lee                     Ritenour – Malibu, BB & Flims – New Snow, and  Al Jarreau”s stuff .

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